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Knot Button Partala Yoga Setup 2182

Knot Button Partala Yoga Setup 2182

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Be active and elegant.

A yoga setup that seems to support quiet concentration.

By making use of the smooth material that is popular in leotards, the feeling of constriction is reduced, making it easier to breathe and improving concentration.

Cropped tops that fit your body allow you to move freely without restricting your movement even in active situations.

The light-toned print is easy to match with any color and can be worn in any season.


▫︎With bra pad

▫︎ Continuous cool sensation

▫︎ Sweat-absorbing and drying

▫︎ Shape retention

▫︎ High waist

▫︎Elegant stand collar

▫︎Teardrop neck

▫︎The knot button is Asian ethnic.

▫︎ Only tops made of the same material are available

⧉ Size

Waist 60cm / Chest 68cm / Length 32.5cm / Shoulder width 28.5cm
Waist 64cm / Chest 72cm / Length 33cm / Shoulder width 29.5cm
Waist 68cm / Chest 76cm / Length 33.5cm / Shoulder width 30.5cm
Waist 72cm / Chest 80cm / Length 34cm / Shoulder width 31.5cm

Waist 51cm / Hips 72cm / Length 82cm / Leg opening 18cm
Waist 55cm / Hips 76cm / Length 84cm / Leg opening 19cm
Waist 59cm / Hips 80cm / Length 86cm / Leg opening 20cm
Waist 63cm / Hips 84cm / Length 88cm / Leg opening 21cm

⧉ Material

80% nylon, 20% polyurethane

*Model height 176cm / weight 45kg
(wearing size S)

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Delivery charge

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Delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks from order

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*In some cases, the delivery company may be changed to an equivalent carrier without prior notice. Please note.

* If you leave the item unattended, it will be automatically returned to the overseas warehouse.

If there is an error in the shipping address, the item will be returned as the address is unknown.

In the case of reshipping, a shipping fee of 3,000 yen (to be paid by the customer) will be incurred.

Delivery days

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Therefore , it may take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks for delivery.

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Delivery to Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands may take longer.

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☾ undigi ☽

undigi is a yoga wear specialty shop where you can find your perfect outfit.

We are particular about both comfort and fashion,

We always have a lineup of over 700 items of clothing.


Yoga brings out the natural beauty hidden within your body.

I love yoga, which is also why I started this shop.

Even if you are burdened with stress and burden from daily life,

Yoga wipes off that rust and dirt,

It reminds me of my natural, relaxed self.

That's how I feel.


What undigi values ​​is beauty as it is.

The feeling of beauty and wonderfulness is

Things that change depending on the stage of life.

But there are certain core things that will never change.

Close to your core, who is attracted to yoga,

We can continue to support your new adventures and growth for a long time.

undigi aims to be such a shop.


"More natural"


“To a more relaxed self”


"My own version of beauty"


The motivation for doing yoga varies from person to person.

At a deep level, we are surely connected.

I want to be supple and beautiful.

undigi aims to be a shop that supports your way of life.

☾ undigi ☽