How to choose yoga wear and famous brands

Yoga begins with breathing, and the most important thing is to relax and concentrate.

Therefore, it is important to consider the clothes you wear as part of your body and choose clothes that are comfortable to wear.

On this page, we will introduce ``How to choose yoga wear'' and ``Recommended brands'' for beginners.

Basic ways to choose yoga wear

How to choose clothing that matches basic yoga movements and poses

The basics of yoga are relaxation elements such as breathing techniques and meditation. Therefore, when choosing yoga wear, choose clothing that does not interfere with deep breathing or movement during poses.

Basically, a T-shirt as a top and pants or leggings as a bottom are sufficient. However, if possible, choose clothes that are stretchy and won't stretch, and that won't expose your legs or stomach when you move.

This is because yoga often involves dynamic poses such as raising your arms, bending forward, and standing on your head. Additionally, yoga involves many poses that gradually work on your body, making you sweat a lot. Therefore, it is important to choose clothing that is breathable and quick-drying.

Points to keep in mind when choosing clothing to cover your body type

It feels like yoga clothes have to be tight and show off your body shape, but if you want to cover your body shape, you can choose loose-fitting yoga clothes.

For example, a loose-fitting top will cover your upper arms, bust, stomach, and hips. We sell clothing with a high design that doesn't feel like loose-fitting clothing that hides your body shape.

Similarly, we recommend wearing bottoms that are designed so that they do not contour to your body.

How to choose yoga wear materials and their effects

Most yoga clothing is made from a blend of polyester, nylon, polyurethane, and spandex to balance comfort, breathability, stretch, and absorbency.

If you are too focused on the design and forget about comfort, you will not be able to concentrate on your breathing and poses. Choosing a pair with an emphasis on comfort will help you focus more on yoga, such as whether it won't be too tight, whether it's comfortable to the touch, or whether the hem won't slip down during inversion poses.

If you're doing yoga that involves a lot of physical activity, choose functional yoga wear that offers the comfort listed above, as well as stretch, breathability, and absorbency. Even for relaxing yoga, we recommend clothing that has all the functions in a well-balanced manner.

Most yoga wear is made from blended materials, but there are also yoga wear made from cotton. Recommended for people who have allergies and don't like blended materials.

How to choose yoga wear by characteristics such as maternity and for people in their 50s

Recommended clothing for those starting maternity yoga

In maternity yoga, we aim to relieve back pain, stiff shoulders, coldness, etc. through breathing and meditation, slowly loosening the fascia, and stretching. During pregnancy, as your belly grows, you will also gain weight.

Therefore, we recommend yoga wear with a loose design or stretchy material that gently hugs your body.

Recommended yoga wear for beginners in their 50s, 60s, and 70s

Based on how to choose yoga wear that we have introduced so far, we recommend clothes that are easy to move in and don't require you to worry about your body shape. If you rely too much on loose-fitting clothing, your overall silhouette may hide your body shape.

Choosing clothes with a unique design will enhance your overall look.

Types of yoga wear and their characteristics

From here, we will introduce the types of yoga wear.

Good fit that does not tighten around the shoulders or ribs

When practicing yoga, we recommend a non-wire, well-fitting bra top (with bra pads) that is less constricting to help you stay relaxed.

Larger sizes and designs with a wide open chest will show your chest when lying on your stomach, standing on your head, or bending over. On the other hand, if you wear tops that are too tight, it will be difficult to loosen your body and your breathing will be shallow.

Therefore, the key is to choose clothing that has a good fit and is stretchy.

Items that do not hinder movement around the hip joints and knees

Since yoga often involves a cross-legged pose at the beginning and end of the session, choose clothing that has elasticity that does not give a feeling of tension around the knees or hinder movement around the hip joints.

The hem will not fall down when posing

Yoga includes poses such as split legs, butt thrusts, and pointing your legs toward the ceiling. Be careful when wearing low-rise (shallow inseam) bottoms, as your underwear will be visible when you pose with your butt pushed up.

With yoga leggings that hug your waist and fit your legs, you won't have to worry about the hem rolling up or falling off. It is also recommended as it can cover your body shape.

Loose-fitting pants that do not hug your body line

If you don't feel comfortable wearing leggings, we recommend pairing shorts with leggings, or yoga pants with a fluffy silhouette and a hem or waist that fits around your ankles (such as Aladdin pants or Sarouel pants).

Points to consider when choosing yoga wear by top and bottom sets, tops, and bottoms

Benefits and how to choose top and bottom yoga wear sets

Yoga wear also includes yoga set-up wear that comes with a top and bottom set. Just wear it as a set and you'll look stylish, so it's perfect for those who are thinking of starting yoga.

When you don't have much time to prepare for a yoga class, a set-up will eliminate the burden of choosing an outfit. It is recommended to have one set.

How to choose tops: T-shirts, bra tops, tank tops, etc.

For relaxing yoga, we recommend tops that don't feel constricting.

[Chacott] Satin accent jersey T-shirt ¥11,550 (tax included)

[Suria] Carmen Top ¥13,200 (tax included)

[undigi] Balloon hem long tank ¥3,880 (tax included)

In the case of relaxing yoga, there are no violent movements, so you don't need as much support to prevent your chest from shaking. Instead, we recommend a relaxed yoga T-shirt or tank top that doesn't feel constricting and allows you to focus on your breathing and meditation.

For active yoga, we recommend tops with moderate support.

[UNIQLO] Wireless bra active round neck ¥2,290 (tax included)

[undigi] Essential Yoga Tank ¥3,980 (tax included)

[Julie] YOGA FIT short tops ¥10,450 (tax included)

Ashtanga yoga and power yoga have many dynamic poses, which are held in succession. If yoga involves a lot of exercise, choose a top that provides adequate bust support.

To prevent your breasts from swaying or shifting, we recommend a mid-length or long-length bra top that provides adequate support. Furthermore, let's pay attention to the straps that support the bust.

Thicker straps and crossback straps provide more support than camisole types.

For hot yoga, quick-drying and breathable tops are comfortable.

[undigi] Layered tender top ¥4,280 (tax included)

[Chacott] Skin top ¥9,350 (tax included)

If you want to prepare a top for hot yoga, we recommend a top that is comfortable and doesn't feel constricting, just like relaxing yoga. When you do hot yoga, you sweat a lot more than when you do yoga at room temperature.

Therefore, we recommend yoga tops and tank tops that are quick-drying and breathable, allowing you to dry quickly even if you sweat.

<Yoga bra top>
  • Those who want to prioritize ease of movement
  • Those who want to prioritize comfort
  • People who sweat easily
  • People who want to wear clothes with cute prints and designs
<Yoga bra tank/T-shirt>
  • Those who want to avoid exposing their skin
  • Those who want to prioritize comfort
  • Those who want to dress comfortably
  • Those who are concerned about getting cold
  • Those who want to cover their body shape

How to choose bottoms: leggings, shorts, pants, etc.

We recommend yoga leggings with good elasticity for easy movement.

[MUJI] UV protection easy-drying leggings ¥2,490 (tax included)

[undigi] Cross front leggings ¥4,280 (tax included)

Stretchability is a key consideration when choosing yoga leggings. Yoga is characterized by large movements of the body when deciding on various poses. Make sure it has enough elasticity so that it doesn't interfere with your yoga movements.

The spandex fabric used for leotards has extremely high elasticity and can stretch 5 to 8 times like rubber. You can't go wrong if you look at the material of the clothing and choose it.

We recommend high-waisted yoga leggings that go well with any top.

[Easy Yoga: Easyoga] Shanty Stirrup Leggings/Navy ¥16,900 (tax included)

[Lululemon: lululemon] Lululemon Align™ High Rise Pants 24 inch Asian Fit ¥12,800 (tax included)

When choosing yoga leggings, we recommend high-end yoga leggings that completely cover the waist area. Low-rise yoga leggings with a low inseam will show your stomach during poses.

Also, be careful as your underwear and hips may be visible. With high-waisted leggings, you don't have to worry about that and can focus on yoga. Another benefit is that it makes your legs look longer.

We recommend loose-fitting yoga pants that don't contour to your buttocks, thighs, or other body contours.

[Julie] Light prime gathered pants/rash guard ¥13,200 (tax included)

[undigi] Aladdin high stretch yoga pants ¥4,480 (tax included)

[Yogi Sanctuary] UNEVENLY DYED Tie Dye Genie Pants (Yoga Pants) ¥16,500 (tax included)

For those who are reluctant to wear yoga leggings, we recommend pants-type bottoms. Yoga pants include monkey pants and Aladdin pants that have a design that doesn't hug your body's contours and are comfortable to wear, and jogger pants that are loose around the waist and waist but are tight from below the knee to the hem.

<Yoga leggings>
  • Those who want to prioritize ease of movement
  • Those who want to make their legs look thinner
  • Those who want to check the pose carefully
  • People who want to feel changes in their body shape
<Yoga pants>
  • Those who want to cover their body shape
  • Those looking for a relaxed fit
  • Those who want to wear it as everyday wear

Points to note to avoid mistakes when choosing yoga wear

Check out the points below and find your favorite yoga wear that you can really use!

You won't feel cramped in any pose

[LITHEE] Premium touch pullover (gray) ¥13,200 (tax included)

[undigi] Beautiful waist fit slit hem yoga pants ¥4,480 (tax included)

First, look at the material and choose yoga wear made of smooth material or leotard material that is comfortable to wear and touch. Next, look at the design and check if it will restrict your yoga movements.

Strings and zippers will interfere with posing. We recommend simple yoga wear without decorations.

Fits well to the body and is stretchy

If the hem slips down, it will interfere with your concentration during yoga. Therefore, be careful not to choose clothing that is too loose. For T-shirts and bra tops, we recommend yoga tops that have a snug fit and are stretchy without feeling constricting.

Also, when it comes to yoga pants, we recommend the type with a narrowed hem or the type that can be tied at the hem. Even for maternity yoga wear, we recommend yoga wear that is highly stretchy and does not feel constricting.

Small, non-stretchy yoga clothes that are too tight can restrict blood circulation.

Since your body shape changes daily during pregnancy, we recommend changing to your favorite clothing depending on the season, such as yoga pants that can be adjusted with strings or yoga leggings with high support and elasticity.

Quick-drying that dries sweat easily

Yoga has many poses that gradually work on your body, making you sweat a lot. When you sweat, your clothes become heavier and even more damp and smelly.

In order to improve your concentration during yoga, we recommend materials that are thin, breathable, and quick-drying so that absorbed sweat dries easily. Choose yoga clothes that will keep you comfortable even when you sweat.

Recommended brands and items such as UNIQLO, Chacot, and emmi

<Chacott> Price range: Tops 8,000 yen to 12,000 yen Bottoms 10,000 yen to 13,000 yen

"Chacott" is a Japanese brand with a history of over 70 years. We mainly sell ballet and dance supplies, and also have a wide selection of yoga wear.

We use ballet leotard fabric to create yoga wear that flexibly fits yoga movements and shows off your body's beautiful lines.

It is also attractive that there are many items with designs that are chic and enhance the charm of women.

<UNIQLO ❘ UNIQLO> Price range: Tops 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen, bottoms around 4,000 yen

Uniqlo is a representative of fast fashion in Japan. The brand's representative items include HEATTECH, AIRism, fleece, and parkas, which are cheap but high quality products that have gained trust.

In fact, UNIQLO also sells yoga wear. Items useful for yoga, such as innerwear with cups and seamless innerwear, are available at affordable prices.

<Lululemon | luluremon> Price range: Tops 7,000 yen to 14,000 yen Bottoms 11,000 yen to around 15,000 yen

A world-famous Canadian brand that sells a wide range of clothing including yoga wear and athletic wear. Flagship stores are opening one after another in Japan, and we have a strong following of professional yoga instructors and people who are serious about yoga.

<Easy Yoga | easyoga> Price range: Tops 10,000 yen to 17,000 yen Bottoms 13,000 yen to around 20,000 yen

This brand has received tremendous support from yoga instructors, and many famous instructors also use it. The secret to its popularity is its beautiful color, elegant design, and strong fabric that will not fade no matter how many times you wash it.

<emmi> Price range: Tops 6,000 yen to 10,000 yen Bottoms 8,000 yen to around 15,000 yen

A yoga wear brand developed by Mash Group, which also handles ``SNIDEL'' and ``gelato pique.'' It features relaxing yoga wear that incorporates fashion trends.

How to use yoga wear as everyday wear

Functional yoga wear with excellent elasticity, breathability, and quick-drying properties are ideal for loungewear and everyday wear as they are easy to move in and comfortable to wear.

If you can wear it as everyday wear, you can also wear it while walking to class. Since there is no need to take the trouble to change clothes, it is recommended even for those who have never had the habit of moving their bodies, as it lowers the hurdle and allows them to continue with a feeling of ease.

Points to check and wash yoga wear

When washing your yoga wear, we recommend following the included washing tag. Be careful not to dry clothes in the sun, which may cause the color to fade, the shape of the garment to collapse, or the characteristics of the material to be lost.


When choosing yoga wear, just like yoga, if you focus on what makes you feel most comfortable, you will find it more and more enjoyable.