How to choose Pilates wear

When you want to choose Pilates wear, you may be wondering what to consider when choosing. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of Pilates wear and how to choose one based on those characteristics.

How to choose Pilates wear that matches your movements

Choose one for yoga/pilates

Highly functional clothing that supports Pilates movements will help you concentrate more on your exercises. When choosing tops and bottoms, choose items that are designed for yoga and pilates.


For innerwear, get a wire-free bra top that doesn't have metal fittings getting in the way. If it has a cup, you can wear it alone and it will be comfortable and won't slip when you move.

There are also different types of tops. T-shirts, camisoles, tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, etc. If you're not sure what to start with, we recommend that you choose one according to the season and your physical condition.


Leggings, which are easy to move in, are popular bottoms. If you are reluctant to wear leggings, we recommend culottes that can be worn with shorts for ease of movement.

For long pants, choose clothing with a tight hem that allows for smooth movement. Although Pilates generally does not cause you to sweat to the point of dripping, we recommend Pilates wear made from fabrics that are quick-drying and absorbent, as they will keep you comfortable.

5 features of Pilates wear

Pilates is described as ``flowing movement,'' an exercise in which you perform each pose at a fast pace while paying attention to the movement of your muscles.

Therefore, it is essential to choose Pilates wear that does not interfere with your movement. Next, we will explain the characteristics of Pilates wear.

5 features

As with yoga, there is no set dress code for Pilates, but if you want to improve your concentration during exercise, choose Pilates clothing that meets the following five characteristics.
  1. Fits perfectly to the body line
  2. Stretchy fabric for easy movement
  3. High sweat absorption and quick drying properties
  4. No feeling of tightness
  5. Comfortable to wear and allows you to relax both physically and mentally

1. Appropriately fits the body line

When practicing Pilates, we recommend wearing clothing made of soft fabric that fits your body well. The reason for this is that by being able to see your body line to the instructor, you can receive more accurate advice.

Another point is that you don't have to worry about the hem slipping down or coming loose when posing.

2. Stretchy fabric for easy movement

Pilates exercises that train your inner muscles move your joints well. If the fabric isn't stretchy, the clothing will hinder your movement and make it difficult to concentrate.

Choose Pilates clothing that allows you to easily move your shoulders and hips.

3.High sweat absorption and quick drying properties

Pilates gradually warms up your body from the inside out, making you sweat gradually. Wearing moisture-wicking and quick-drying clothing will quickly absorb sweat, dry the fabric quickly, and prevent your body from losing heat.

Synthetic fibers, mainly polyester and nylon, have the characteristic that the fibers themselves do not absorb moisture. To maintain a comfortable workout, choose clothing that dries quickly and is highly absorbent.

4.No tightening

We recommend clothing made of soft fabric that fits your body well, but be sure to pay attention to the size. Spandex, nylon, and polyester fabrics are highly stretchable fabrics that are also used in ballet leotards.

When choosing clothing, check the fabric. Choose stretchy clothing that fits properly and does not restrict breathing and muscle movement.

5. Comfortable to wear and allows you to relax both mind and body

One of the Pilates exercises is breathing techniques. Pilates is based on chest breathing, so we choose clothing that allows the diaphragm and spine to move freely.

Think of the clothes you wear as part of your body, and choose clothes with a comfortable texture.

Difference between yoga wear and Pilates wear

Yoga is an exercise that helps you relax and balance your mind and body through poses and breathing techniques. It is based on poses and stillness. Therefore, it is essential to choose clothing that does not interfere with deep breathing or movement during poses.

Pilates, on the other hand, is an exercise that strengthens your inner muscles and improves your body line and posture. Movement is the basis.

In Pilates, which involves bending and stretching the joints and twisting the body, the most important point is to have ``wear with excellent elasticity that fits the body and allows for easy movement.'' Choosing a thin, soft and stretchy fabric will help you exercise comfortably.

Recommended items for Pilates wear

The basic clothing combination that Pilates beginners would like to refer to is ``bra top/tank top & leggings or T-shirt & leggings.''

Recommended tops items (T-shirts, bra tops, tank tops, etc.)

essential yoga tank

A simple wireless bra tank that blends well with your skin and has excellent elasticity. Quick-drying clothing that doesn't trap heat or get stuffy, and is highly antibacterial and odor resistant.

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Waist cinched French sleeve T

Soft and comfortable wear made from smooth material that is popular for leotards. The round hem design gives a chic impression even though it is a T-shirt. The excellent cooling sensation and antibacterial and deodorizing properties make it ideal for sweaty exercise.

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Recommended items for bottoms (leggings, shorts, shorts, etc.)

nuance color yoga leggings

Leggings that are smooth to the touch and comfortable to the touch. The high waist design makes it difficult to see your belly during poses, so you can concentrate on exercising without worrying about your stomach area even in side bending or forward bending positions. The eyeliner is seamless and extremely comfortable to wear.

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tulle leggings culottes

For those who don't like leggings, we recommend culottes that come with shorts. The light and soft tulle will make your outfit look elegant.

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Recommended items for top and bottom sets (leggings, shorts, pants, etc.)

Ribbed dull all-in-one

The relaxed shape gives a relaxed impression. This wear is made of soft cotton and looks light and chic. The slit in the back increases breathability and prevents stuffiness. Aladdin pants with tight ankles and tapered hems support Pilates movements.

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Etoile yoga setup

Etoile = A set-up with star-shaped back strings that will make the wearer shine. Made of highly elastic spandex fabric.

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We looked at how to choose Pilates wear based on the characteristics of Pilates. Find your favorite Pilates wear that will help you focus on Pilates based on the basic selection methods.

Use the introduced features and selection methods as a reference and enjoy choosing your own Pilates wear that will lift your mood with your favorite design and color.

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