User Guide

Points to note regarding shopping

before purchasing

Please be sure to check before purchasing.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask via the [Contact Us] top menu.

⧉About email reception settings

We always send order confirmation emails and shipping information to our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please set up your mailer so that you can receive [].

Please be sure to specify an email address other than your carrier email when registering. If you use carrier mail, the mail we send you will be recognized as spam and will not be received.

If the email does not arrive, the following may be the cause:

- The address you registered was incorrect when placing your order.

- Reception error on your email server

・Reject reception on mobile phone or set reception settings

・If you use a free email address, it will be sorted to your spam folder.

If you do not receive an email from us within a few days after placing your order, please contact us at [].

⧉About shipping and delivery period

After receiving an order from a customer, undigi orders and orders the product.

Therefore, it will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Delivery to Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands may take longer.

Please make your purchase with plenty of time to spare.

*The number of days is based on business days. We do not carry out ordering or shipping operations on Saturdays and Sundays.

*As this is an international shipment from overseas, we cannot specify the delivery date and time, delivery method, or delivery company.

*Since our store handles highly liquid products, there is a risk that your order will be canceled after you place your order due to out of stock or discontinuation of production.

*We do not provide wrapping, wrapping, or message cards.

⧉About product images

The color and texture of the product image may differ from the actual product.

There may be differences in the appearance of the color and texture depending on the external conditions of the product, such as whether the photo was taken indoors or outdoors.

Please note that we cannot accept returns for these reasons.


Process after purchase

⧉From receiving your order to delivery

Order ↓
Confirm payment↓
Our order (order)
Around 3-14 business days↓
Shipped from overseas
Around 5 business days↓
Domestic shipping
Around 1-2 days↓
Delivered to your doorstep

⧉If the customer is absent

You will be notified by the carrier via a notice of absence.

Please use the absentee slip to request redelivery yourself.

Please note that if you leave the item unattended, it will be automatically returned to the overseas warehouse.

*If there is an error in the shipping address, the item will be returned to you as the address is unknown.

In the case of reshipping, a shipping fee of 3,000 yen (to be paid by the customer) will be incurred.

⧉About cancellation

Please refrain from canceling your order after placing your order.

Please check the color and size of the product carefully before ordering.

⧉About returns and exchanges due to our store's circumstances, such as defective products or incorrectly delivered products

If the delivered product is defective or different from the one you ordered, please notify us at our email address within 3 days of delivery.

We will only refund or exchange unused items if you contact us within 3 days of receiving the item.

*Please be sure to contact us before returning the item.

⧉How to return/exchange items

If you would like to return or exchange an item, please contact us at the email address below.

Contact email address

☾ ☽

We will ask you about the date and time of your order, the name of the product you purchased, and the reason for the return, and will guide you through the next steps.

When returning an item, please return it in as close a condition as possible to the condition in which it was delivered.

⧉If we cannot accept returns or exchanges

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.

◆If you are unable to contact us within 3 days after receiving the product

◆If the returned item arrives at our store more than 8 days after the item was delivered.

◆Products that have been used even once after receiving the product

◆Products that have been washed, cleaned, or repaired after receiving the product

◆Products whose accessories are lost or damaged after the product arrives

◆Products whose tags (brand tags, etc.) have been removed after the product arrives

◆Products that have scratches, dirt, damage, or odors on them due to the customer's responsibility

◆Returns due to customer's convenience (color/size, different from image, etc.)

◆If the item is returned without contacting us in advance

◆Products that are packaged in poor condition, such as stuffing the product into a box when returning it.

⧉About handling of personal information

Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than shipping.

⧉About the characteristics (quality) of overseas products

As overseas products and Japanese products have different quality standards, please understand the following precautions before placing your order.

◆Compared to Japanese products, the sewing may be looser. There may be cases where the item is frayed, there is no tag, or the beads or buttons are not properly tamed.

◆The zipper may be difficult to move.

◆The size may differ slightly from the stated size.

◆There may be creases due to packaging.

◆There may be a smell from packaging materials, a perfume-like smell, or a smell from dyeing.

(This is not a bad odor such as cigarette or pet odor.)

If you have any concerns about imported products or online shopping, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you reconsider using our services.

About delivery and shipping charges

Shipping fee: Completely free shipping

Delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks from order

Delivery company: Japan Post, Yamato Transport, or Sagawa Express

*In some cases, the delivery company may be changed to an equivalent carrier without prior notice. Please note.

* If you leave the item unattended, it will be automatically returned to the overseas warehouse.

If there is an error in the shipping address, the item will be returned as the address is unknown.

In the case of reshipping, a shipping fee of 3,000 yen (to be paid by the customer) will be incurred.

Payment method

Our site supports the following payment methods.

credit card

Card payments can be made using VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB brands.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to pay for products and services using the address information and credit card information registered in your account.

On the payment screen, select Amazon Pay from Express Checkout.

You can also create an account with your Amazon account.

Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay to pay on the web in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

On the payment screen, select Apple Pay from Express Checkout.

Google Pay

If you are viewing using Google Chrome, you can pay using your Google Pay account.

On the payment screen, select Google Pay from Express Checkout.

Pay later

  • No credit card required.
  • Shop with just your email address and mobile number.
  • Multiple purchases can be paid together by the 10th of the following month.

If you register for Payday Plus for free, you can use features such as three-time payment with no split fees* and monthly budget setting.

*No splitting fee for account transfers only.
**Registration procedure is required for 3-time deferred payment when using for the first time. Also, it can only be used if the amount spent at one time is 3,000 yen or more.


Our store does not issue receipts. The receipt will be issued by the following payment source depending on the payment method.

Credit card/various code payments

Credit Sales Company Your receipt will be the "Usage Statement" issued by your credit sales company in the month of withdrawal (approximately 2 months later). Since the payment will be made in arrears based on trust transactions, a receipt will not be issued immediately upon delivery.

*The "Usage Statement" will be a "receipt" recognized by the tax office.
*We cannot issue receipts for card payments. For details, please contact your credit card company.

Convenience store payment

When you pay at a convenience store, you will be given a receipt at the cash register.